Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16/04/2013: Eld is online!

How was born the idea of ELD?

Well, I am also the founder of a folk metal forum called "Sword Chant" since november 2007. This website & I involved into a constant will to support bands by promoting them, sharing their news... Sword Chant ever invited bands to promote themselves over the forum and their news are shared by myself in all the social network pages of Sword Chant.

Meanwhile, I met many artists from everywhere over the internet. They show me they appreciate my free work with Sword Chant & sometimes, ask me advices or some things listeners and medias don't need to know... I've been pleased to help them, ever. 

ELD is the result of their demands to me.

Before ELD, I helped some bands to get some gigs:

- FEJD @ Cernunnos Festival 5 (2011), FR
- KRAMPUS @ Samhainfest 2 (mini tour-2012), CZ
- WAYLANDER @ Cernunnos Festival 6 (2013), FR

Now, I hope to help some more the bands under the banner of ELD.
You can contact me by email.

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