Friday, June 7, 2013

Thy Worshiper: New Twitter page!

Indeed. I suggested the band THY WORSHIPER to set in fire their previous twitter page because of some problems the band met with it.

Since March 29th of 2012 & due to bad settings, the personal facebook's news from one bandmember were shared over there, and without band news. Too bad for the official twitter page of the band...

Because it would have been too crazy to delete all the tweets of that active person there, I adviced them to close their twitter account, creating a new one, and to link their facebook bandpage together with their twitter page.

Once I explained them the process, their test worked good. Since then, everybody can be sure to find the band's news also into the new twitter page for the band:

Here is the new THY WORSHIPER page on twitter:

Official website of the band:
Their Facebook page:

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