Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 means some change for ELD!

I founded this project during April 2013 and I have helped a bit more than five bands and one radio with ELD while more things not revealed yet are goin' on with others. It sounds rather good for a beginning. :-)

For the New Year, I designed this website again. I hope that you like it. : )

Some other changes are:

From today, ELD becomes a part of my other website "Sword Chant" that is also dedicated to support Folk Metal worldwide. So, ELD news will be published in Sword Chant and its social networks pages as well. Folk Metal news can be found in Sword Chant. Links are available to the right of this website.

It means the facebook page for ELD will disappear in the next few days.

Then I'll ask the followers of this page to press the "like" button of the Sword Chant facebook page or to follow another social network page of Sword Chant.

Best wishes to all of you, keep up the good and hard work!

And A Happy New Folk Metal Year!!

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