Saturday, March 1, 2014

NEMETON RECORDS signed a deal with AFTERGOD!

NEMETON RECORDS contacted me June 10th of 2013 because they were searching for some new bands. I suggested them the folk metal band AFTERGOD.

And now, I am proud to announce NEMETON RECORDS signed a contract deal with the Italian band AFTERGOD!

Indeed, that was a great pleasure for me to take part in this adventure and to help NEMETON RECORDS in their request but also, it's great to give opportunity to a talented band such as AFTERGOD and am sure many folk metal listeners will appreciate their music as I do already.

Below are the AFTERGOD words:
"We are proud and happy to work with Nemeton for our both growth and musical passion! We hope to keep on working hard for sharing the quality of italian emerging metal, helped and supported by the great job of our new Label! Endless thanks to all of our fans for the support you have been giving us all along and that you will give us for the times to come! A special thanks to Krissy from ELD for helping us in reaching this goal!"

Everything AFTERGOD on Sword Chant:

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