Sunday, October 19, 2014

FFERYLLT opens a crowd funding project

The band FFERYLLT contacted me again for one help with crowd funding for this time.

Since I have built the content, perks, their project... I hope that you will like the ideas found for their campaign dedicated to help the making of their new official video for the song “Call of the Wild” taken from their upcoming album entitled  “Achanterez” which means “The Witch” in Breton.

I previously helped the band to find one Breton translator.

You can pre-order their new record “Achanterez” in CD or digital format, and all these goodies:

-  Prediction album (CD)
-  Poster
-  Signed photo
-  Limited T-shirt
-  Limited plectrum
-  Small songbook with lyrics for “Achanterez” album
-  Medium sized book with lyrics & photos for “Achanterez”
-  Big songbook with lyrics of their 3 albums and band photos.

Find more details here (click to enlarge):

Below are some words from FFERYLLT band:

"Hi guys!

We are ready to start the production of our new video. It’s gonna be our first professional video clip. Not an amateur video shot in a garage (the ones who had watched our first clip «Yule» may know what I’m talking about :):)). My band and I would be glad to present you our new album entitled «Achanterez» soon (it means «The Witch» in Breton, by the way). And the video we gonna make is for one of the songs from this album, «Call of the Wild». Many people are involved into production process: the crew (director, cameramen, editor, actors, drivers, make-up artist). We invite you to participate in our crowd funding campaign which is going to be started in few hours!

And, of course, we want to express special thanks to ELD, Sword Chant website, and personally to Krissy, who becomes the manager of our campaign! We wish her happiness and prosperity! 

Thank you"


D. Eliseev, the leader of Fferyllt

The link of the crowd funding page will be available passing by Sword Chant.
UPDATE: The project is now online here.

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