Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Band’s inner management

To be in a band is great! Musicians create and play Music, they have fun in concerts and meet a lot of people but to be in a band doesn’t mean only this. Musician who’s part of band has to learn a bit of Management as well. I have discussed this topic with many bands that I won’t name, and told them the following: 

"Management is as important as compos!
To compose music is great but if nobody can hear it, this is less great..."


All the musicians inside band have to care for management of the website of the band and/or social networks band pages, reviews, interviews, booking… and if musicians strongly believe in their band, this work shouldn’t be just for only one band member like the founder of the project for example.


Reviews: contact with press, save the link/reviews done somewhere.

Interviews: contact with press, save the link/interviews done.

Concerts: manage for travel, plan cities/venues, booking, catering, hostel, contact with other bands and promoters, see for gear the band can't bring but needed for shows.

Band pages: update, share news, tourdates, concerts, interviews, reviews, remind some news to the people...

There are more things to manage in a band like for merch or when the band is in search of a label, designer, etc. So, find them and enter in contact with.


First of all, if one member feels in a better comfort with one activity as for example with interviews, rather let that person manage this part.... And then, if you don't know who's best in the band in one or another work, make some tries on short times and decide all together after the test time.

Example of tries: member 1: interviews - member 2: booking - member 3: etc
and then another try on another short time: member 1: booking - member 2: interviews - etc
We can also imagine 2 members to manage one activity like booking for example... Up to you.

If you always can't decide after the test, you can contact ELD and we'll solve it together.

You have also to deal with some obvious factors like if one bandmate is too busy for one understandable fact... Be nice and don't blame him. However, some big or small efforts should be from each member.


This is a band's inner meeting and it helps the band to get one stronger ID. Brainstorming must deal with everything related with the band like for new artwork, compos, management... ALL - and should happen in the best atmosphere possible even something wrong happened with one band member. The use of anger makes all worse.

This is another part of management, very useful for the band.


They are very useful for bands with one big activity. I would suggest them if your activities get bigger and if you have the money for - But I wouldn't suggest them to small bands since all is a matter of management.

Band members have to manage in first (together) before to think that band's management is "too much".

So, are you ready to try managing, all together? : )

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