Friday, December 19, 2014

FFERYLLT : Management Pt.2

The band FFERYLLT did not reach their goal of 2000$ with their crowd funding despite the promotion I made through their Facebook bandpage I managed during that time, "Sword Chant" site and pages and despite the medias I contacted too.

22% of the their goal were reached and I've been pleased to notice the people liked my perks ideas while the band has decided for prices.

$441 USD were by the contributors and I would like to thank them for their efforts in this campaign, but also the medias.

I had suggested some ideas for the promotion of perks, and crowd funding to FFERYLLT, also a planning, but the band took another path.

My work for this project has ended now.

Heres a message from the Leader of FFERYLLT:
"Dear friends! 
Our crowdfunding campaign is over. Though we didn't reach our goal of 2000$, the amount we've collected together is received by me, and it will help to finish the work with the videoclip anyway. I would like to thank all of those who participated in the funding, and also those who helped, especially to Krissy and "ELD".  
In the future, I hope that we will consider all the mistakes we made. One of them is that we, the members of Fferyllt, are musicians, and not managers. Our main work is making music, recording songs, and producing albums for you. And we hope we will not disappoint you with that! 
The perks for the funders will be sent right before the album release. And also everyone who took part in funding, will see their names in the clip's titles.
Thank you all once again!
D. Eliseev, the leader of Fferyllt"

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